Forward-thinking Security

Quantropi has developed a new mechanism for transforming data called quantum entropy encoding to meet data protection needs today and into the future.

By applying quantum laws to classical bit systems, our solutions provide unparalleled protection with minimal memory and performance overhead.

We can overcome the unique security and privacy needs which currently hinder growth in markets such as smart cities, healthcare, transportation, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Smart Cities

Smart cities rely on networks of IoT sensors to collect data which is used to allocate and manage resources. A key concern in design and development is how to secure these networks of connected devices to safeguard infrastructure against unauthorized access and control.


Smart transportation infrastructure enables connected and autonomous vehicles to deliver simple and efficient transportation solutions for goods and people. Security solutions for smart transportation need to be highly secure and ultra low-latency.


From monitoring to medication delivery devices, smart healthcare is empowering patients and care providers to connect more easily and collaborate more closely. Recent changes in legislation have put a spotlight on the need for solutions developed with data security and privacy in mind.


Industry 4.0 uses smart sensors and machines to enhance manufacturing and industrial processes through real-time data acquisition, analytics, and automation. Lightweight security solutions are needed because many smart devices lack the resources for traditional security solutions.

our mission

To make information speak quantum

We are developing quantum secure solutions which provide the versatility needed to connect the world of smart devices, smart infrastructures, and smart economies.

Industry Consensus on

Quantum Computing Threat