Driven by developments towards smart cities and economies, the accelerating growth of the smart device market is increasing the need for new security solutions which are lightweight and low-latency. Adding to the challenge, the threat of quantum computing must also be considered. Quantropi has developed QEEP to meet these needs today and into the future.

QEEP is a compact encoding and decoding engine for trusted communication. Its functions include data encoding/decoding, sending/receiving, and key distribution. As a software solution it can be installed on devices to protect data-in-transit against unauthorized access.

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If a quantum computer exists...will they tell us?
Is my smart home spying on me?
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How fast will 5G really be?


QEEP has an encoding space which far exceeds the search capabilities of quantum computers and is scalable to match future threats. Requiring under 3 kilobytes of memory and minimal computing power, QEEP can protect resource constrained devices, such as sensors, while adding minimal performance overhead. The encoding mechanism is not based on hard to solve math so special algorithms for quantum computers do not provide a shortcut for hackers.


It is estimated that over 70% of IoT devices lack adequate security. QEEP can provide lightweight security solutions for devices which lack the resources needed to run traditional cryptographic schemes.


End-to-end solutions deployable in public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures to establish quantum secure communication channels. QEEP can solve security issues surrounding virtual machine migration, clustering, and load balancing.

Web Security

QEEP can be integrated with a web application and web framework to add quantum security to today’s web platforms. Its lightweight and low-latency features will allow the existing user experience to be maintained.


QEEP provides lightweight and fast security solutions for critical financial transactions. Further, it has the potential to enhance performance and security for blockchain transactions. 


The QEEP encoding engine can be used to protect out-bound messages and enhance user privacy and security.

Key Distribution

QEEP can be implemented for quantum secure key distribution. This can be used to enhance the security of TLS1.3.